Enjoy Dolphin Tours at Six Flags

Discovery Experience Approx. 15 Minutes

Play with some of the ocean's most lovable marine mammals with our Discovery Experience program! At Dolphin Discovery in Six Flags Mexico, you and your family can make friends with dolphins without getting wet. This fun interaction is designed for all ages and is perfect for a family vacation!

  • Adult: $41
  • Child: $41

Dolphin EncounterApprox. 50 Minutes

Experience the thrill of a lifetime when you visit Dolphin Encounter at Six Flags Mexico. Interact with these graceful animals in a unique and family-friendly environment. Learn hand signals that will allow you to communicate and play with our dolphins. The highlight of your encounter will be swimming in the water with these gentle mammals.


  • Adult: $74
  • Child: $74

Dolphin SwimApprox. 60 Minutes

Take a dive into the water and join your new dolphin friends at this Six Flags Mexico Dolphin Swim. Here you have the opportunity to swim with, hug, and give a handshake to gorgeous and playful dolphins. These fun marine mammals are ready to say hello and give you their famous foot push.


  • Adult: $99
  • Child: $99

Dolphin Encounter & AdmissionApprox. 40 Minutes

Take in a day of exciting adventure activities when you enjoy swimming with the dolphins and riding the fastest roller coaster in Latin America at Six Flags Mexico. You can spend the day enjoying the scenery of this amazing park and learn about the environment of marine mammals like dolphins.


  • Adult: $115
  • Child: $115

Dolphin Swim & AdmissionApprox. 60 Minutes

Your day in Mexico City will be full of fun with two memorable activities! For one low price you will have all-day access to the Six Flags Mexico theme park, plus 45 full minutes of swimming, kissing, and playing with our charming dolphin friends. This experience is one you won't soon forget!


  • Adult: $140
  • Child: $140