Freeport Bahamas Open Ocean Dolphin Experience

Open Ocean Dolphin ExperienceApprox. 2.5 Hours

When traveling to Grand Bahama Island, visitors should check out UNEXSO’s Open Ocean Dolphin Swim for a fun and unique dolphin swim experience. The company was the first to offer open ocean swims where you can interact with the dolphins in their own environment. This unparalleled opportunity means visitors get to play with the dolphins in a lagoon where the animals feel at home.

  • Adults: $219
  • Child: $219
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  • The Only Tour that Actually Lets you Swim with Dolphins Out in the Ocean!
  • Dolphins Will Follow Our Dive Boat to a Location On the Ocean
  • Explore the Underwater World Alongside Our Pod of Dolphins
  • Professional Trainers Will be on Hand to Help You Communicate and Swim With These Creatures

Tour Summary

If you're traveling to the Bahamas, you're likely looking for some activities that are unique to the local islands. Swimming with the dolphins is a wonderful activity that allows for close interaction with the beautiful and intelligent animals. Those who are staying on Grand Bahama Island can check out UNEXSO for a very unique dolphin swim experience. Their dolphin swimming tour in the ocean was the first in the world to combine this experience with the natural world.

Seeing the dolphins in their natural environment is the best part of working with UNEXSO on Grand Bahama Island. You get a leisurely boat ride from the main island through either the canal system or the South Shore to a 9 acre lagoon where the dolphins love to hang out. Visitors will have the opportunity to watch the dolphins during the boat ride. Once they reach the destination, the real fun begins. 

After a quick orientation with your dolphin trainer, you can head out into the water. The lagoon is home to 14 Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins and once in the water it's obvious how much the dolphins truly enjoy the play time with visitors. While interacting with the dolphin, you'll be swimming in crystal,clear water with a depth of around 20-25 feet. You can talk to the dolphins and ask them splash you, turn around or speak. This experience can be eye-opening as many people don't realize how intelligent these animals really are. Because they're in their own environment, they're relaxed and playful without the stress that comes with confinement. 

There is some important information to know before booking your dolphin swim. There is a height requirement of 55". Children who meet the height requirement but are under age 15 must have a parent or legal guardian with them. Everyone on the excursion must be able to swim and the tour is not intended for pregnant women. There is a maximum of 8 guests in the water at a time. Most importantly, enjoy your time with the dolphins and check this experience off your bucket list.

Tour Includes

  • Boat Ride Through the Beautiful Canal Systems of Grand Bahama Island or Along the South Shore of the Island (Depending on Weather)
  • Arrive at a Natural 9-Acre Lagoon, "Sanctuary Bay," Home to 14 Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins
  • Meet Your Dolphin Trainer and Receive a Quick Orientation Before Heading Out Into the Open Ocean
  • Swim Alongside the Dolphins in the Crystal Clear Water
  • Interaction With the Dolphins Including: Speak, Splash or Wave
  • 20-25 Minutes of In-Water Interaction Time With the Dolphins Per Person

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to be a certified diver to participate in this activity?
No, you do not have to be a certified diver in order to partcipate in this actvity.

What is the weather cancellation policy?
If the activity must be cancelled due to bad weather, and you cannot reschedule, you will be issued a full refund.

Where is the departure point for this tour?
Check-in instructions will be included in your activity confirmation email.

What Am I required to bring?
Please bring your email confirmation, towels, sun screen and form of payment for your remaining balance.

What about sharks and other sea creatures?
With all the media hype it's understandable why people offten ask this question but the truth is that unprovoked shark attacks are very, very rare and attacks on snorkelers are even more rare. Our staff are all trained in making sure your trip is safe and enjoyable.


  • Maximum capacity of this tour is 8 passengers.
  • Children under 16 must be accompanied by a participating parent or guardian.
  • Minimum participant height requirement is 55" (4' 7"/1.4 Meters). - Without Shoes.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed in swim program.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Cancellations for all Freeport Unexso Dolphin programs MUST be received 14 days prior to the excursion. Reservations canceled less than 14 days but outside of 7 days, receive a 50% refund. All reservations canceled 7 days prior or less will NOT receive a refund.
  • Cruise ship guest MUST BOOK through the cruise ship.
  • DAYS AVAILABLE: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday 
  • Trip not available Wednesdays or Saturdays.