Enjoy Dolphin Tours at Freeport Bahamas

Freeport Bahamas has become an increasing popular destination in recent years. Freeport's beautiful beaches and world class hotels has visitors coming back year after year. When you visit be sure to check out our popular Dolphin Close Encounter. This unique dolphin excursion allows participants to swim with the dolphins in their natural environment.

While visiting Freeport Bahamas you will not want to miss our exciting dolphin tours located at the Dolphin Experience Lagoon. Choose from a variety of different dolphin excursions listed below and interact with our dolphins in protected waters off the coast of Grand Bahama Island. Our dolphin tours are perfect for families of all ages looking to capture a unique experience while visiting the Bahamas. Your perfect moment will be capture by on staff photographers and videographers so you can take home and share the memories with your friends and loved ones.

Dolphin Close EncounterApprox. 2 Hours

The Dolphin Close Encounter is truly a once in a lifetime experience. The views and closeness to wildlife will truly submerge you in the outdoors. This well-crafted tour in Sanctuary Bay will provide a completely unique and exceptional experience that will remain a part of your families’ memories for a lifetime.

  • Adults: $85
  • Child (4 - 7): $50

Dolphin SwimApprox. 2 Hours

If you are traveling to Grand Bahama Island, take your vacation to the next level by swimming with dolphins. The tour gives guests the opportunity to swim with dolphins in the 9-acre lagoon called Sanctuary Bay. Throughout your experience, you’ll even be able to hug and kiss these wonderful marine animals.

Open Ocean Dolphin ExperienceApprox. 2.5 Hours

When traveling to Grand Bahama Island, visitors should check out UNEXSO’s Open Ocean Dolphin Swim for a fun and unique dolphin swim experience. The company was the first to offer open ocean swims where you can interact with the dolphins in their own environment. This unparalleled opportunity means visitors get to play with the dolphins in a lagoon where the animals feel at home.

  • Adults: $219
  • Child: $219

Dive with the DolphinsApprox. 3 Hours

The Freeport Dive with The Dolphins tour on Grand Bahama Island is a great way to have a meaningful experience with one of nature's most spectacular creatures. Those who participate in the dive will get to dive and play with dolphins in their own environment. You will be submerged both literally and figuratively into the world of dolphins.

  • Adult (12 & Up): $219