Enjoy Dolphin Tours at Saint Kitts

Dolphin EncounterApprox. 45 Minutes

If it's always been your dream to swim with dolphins, join us for a Dolphin Encounter! This activity allows you to swim and play with our friendly dolphins as they kiss, hug, and shake hands with you! You will enjoy a full 30 minutes of play in the Caribbean's clear waters.


  • Adult: $99
  • Child: $99

Dolphin Swim AdventureApprox. 50 Minutes

Explore the amazing world of Dolphins when you get up close and personal while swimming with them in the Caribbean Sea. Enjoy an amazing Dolphin Swim Adventure in St. Kitts and learn about the marine mammal environment as you swim with the dolphins.

  • Adult: $139
  • Child: $99

Dolphin Royal SwimApprox. 60 Minutes

Fulfill your dream of swimming in the sea with real dolphins with our Dolphin Royal Swim program! You will get to kiss, hug,and swim with your new pals for a full 50 minutes in the sparkling Caribbean waters. This tour also allows you to experience a foot push and a dorsal tow. Join us for an exciting, active experience you will remember forever!


  • Adult: $169
  • Child: $99