Enjoy Dolphin Tours at Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta offers miles of white sand beaches, dazzling sunsets and awe-inspiring mountains covered in lush greenery that will surely delight, even the most seasoned traveler. Don't forget to try our Signature Dolphin Swim when visiting Puerto Vallarta. It's a favorite among travelers to this region in Mexico along with the Puerto Vallarta Dolphin Center.

If you're visiting Puerto Vallarta, you will not want to miss an enchanting personal interaction with amazing dolphins. With the spectacular backdrop of the Bay of Banderas and Pacific Ocean, you will play with these wonderful mammals of the ocean, the Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins. Throughout history, stories of humans interacting with these remarkable aquatic mammals have become the tales of lore. In times of peril, dolphins have aided people. These intelligent creatures have guided swimmers to refuge and sailors to safe harbors. Experience just how sociable and friendly the dolphins really are when you visit us in Puerto Vallarta.

Dolphin EncounterApprox. 40 Minutes

Experience the beauty and majesty of Pacific Bottlenose dolphins during your memorable Dolphin Encounter at the Dolphin Adventure Center in Nuevo Vallarta. Learn more about one of nature’s most intelligent and beautiful creatures. Interact with these friendly animals right in the water—an amazing experience you won’t soon forget. 

Dolphin Kids EncounterApprox. 20 Minutes

Dolphin Kids is a Dolphin Adventure program brought to you by Vallarta Adventures in Vallarta, Mexico. Our program is dedicated to educating children aged 4 to 9 about one of nature’s most awesome animals—the dolphin. One of our trained staff will teach your child about these marine mammals and then supervise an interactive experience up close and personal with a dolphin.

  • Child: $95

Dolphin Swim ExperienceApprox. 1 Hour

Swim with the dolphins in the Dolphin Swim Experience as you discover more about their unique behavior, training, and talents from the experts. Interact with the dolphins and even ride on their back as you make friends that will last a lifetime

  • Adult: $119
  • Child (5-11): $89

Signature Dolphin SwimApprox. 1 Hour

Get a dolphin's-eye-view as you freely swim and play with the dolphins. This tour offers guests the opportunity to experience the beauty and intelligence that dolphins exude on a daily basis. This incredible experience will surely make your stay in Puerto Vallarta one you’ll never forget.

  • Adult: $139
  • Child (5 to 11): $89

Private Dolphin Swim for CouplesApprox. 30 Minutes

A private dolphin encounter for two people is the perfect outing while you are visiting Mexico's Puerto Vallarta. Whether you share the experience with your significant other or a close friend, you'll forever cherish the memories of interacting with our bottlenose dolphins. You can enjoy belly rides, foot pushes, and more.

  • Per Couple: $449

Private Dolphin Swim for GroupsApprox. 30 Minutes

If you are on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, there are many fun-filled activities to enjoy such as the Private Dolphin Swim for Groups. The tour is available to those who have up to 6 individuals in their party. The Private Dolphin Swim for Groups offers a customizable interaction with bottlenose dolphins.

  • Per Group (Up to 6): $849