Enjoy Dolphin Tours at Panama City Beach

Meet and GreetApprox. 30 Minutes

If you have ever wanted to reach out and pet a dolphin, then the Dolphin Meet N Greet is perfect for you. Enjoy petting, playing, and watching these energetic creatures with your friends and family of all ages. This is an exciting activity for learning and pure enjoyment!


  • Per Person (4 and Up): $74

Dolphin EncounterApprox. 30 Minutes

An exciting vacation to Florida cannot be enjoyed more than when it is accompanied with a dolphin encounter. Now at Panama City Beach you and your family can enjoy a Dolphin Encounter. Here you can enjoy large hugs and kisses from these adorable dolphins as they entertain you and your family.


  • Adult: $127
  • Child: $95

Dolphin Swim AdventureApprox. 30 Minutes

Dolphin Discovery at Gulf World in Panama City Beach, FL offers a Dolphin Swim Adventure that will make any beach vacation complete. Come learn about and interact with our marine mammal friends in a safe environment. Let us be your guide to the fascinating underwater world of dolphins.


  • Adult: $170
  • Child: $138

Swim Journey Approx. 30 Minutes

Come swim with our dolphins if you're planning a vacation in Panama City Beach. Our dolphin Swim Journey allows visitors to interact with these brilliant creatures in an environment where they feel comfortable and free to show off their tricks. This is a wonderful vacation experience.

  • Adult (18 and Above): $180

Dolphin Royal SwimApprox. 30 Minutes

Enjoy fun for the whole family by taking a Dolphin Discovery tour that lets you touch and swim with the dolphins who are enthusiastically awaiting your arrival. Learning about marine life has never been more fun with our educational, interactive tours that allow you to experience the wonder of these mammals firsthand.


  • Adult: $203
  • Child: $160