Panama City Beach Dolphin Encounter

Dolphin EncounterApprox. 30 Minutes

An exciting vacation to Florida cannot be enjoyed more than when it is accompanied with a dolphin encounter. Now at Panama City Beach you and your family can enjoy a Dolphin Encounter. Here you can enjoy large hugs and kisses from these adorable dolphins as they entertain you and your family.


  • Adult: $127
  • Child: $95
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  • 30-Minute Briefing/Dolphin Encounter
  • Dolphin Handshake, Kiss, Hand Target, and Hug
  • Sea Lion Show
  • Dolphin Educational Show

Tour Summary

Both family and friends of all ages can gather around to enjoy this dolphin encounter. Here, friendly dolphins will reach out to you and your loved ones with big wet kisses and loving hugs. In addition, these adorable marine creatures will show off their talents and silly behaviors.

Dolphins are known for being friendly and intelligent, which can be shown with their incredible tricks. One of their tricks include hand targeting where they will touch their noses to targets, the target are mostly comprised of your hands. Also, dolphins are known for loving to tease other water life, which makes for humorous scenes when the energetic dolphins begin to tease each other. While enjoying this experience, you and your loved ones can become educated on dolphins by a team of marine mammals specialists. They will be providing any and all information they can about these happy creatures. Because of this, the experience can be both enjoyable and educational.

In addition, you will actually be able to swim with the dolphins after a short and informational class. You will then be able to pet, play, and swim with the dolphins. Swimming around with the fun creatures makes for great memories and wonderful photos. This is truly an event that should not be missed.

Following this swim, you will be able to enjoy the Sea Lion Show, the Friends and Furry show, and then the 2016 Summer Games shows. Each activity ensues great enjoyment and learning experiences. In addition, these shows will provide a taste of the variety of animal cultures.

In all, when visiting Florida, you should make sure to book your time with the Dolphin Encounter. It is a great experience that caters to all ages. The memories will last a lifetime.


Tour Includes

  • 30-Minute Experience
  • Admission to Gulf World Panama City Beach
  • Sea Lion Show
  • Dolphin Educational Show
  • Friends and Furry Show



  • Kids must be at least 3'11" to participate in this program and must be accompanied in the water by a paying participant 18 or older one on one.
  • At Dolphin Discovery Panama City groups are up to 20 people.
  • Participants must be able to speak and understand English.
  • Participants must be free of open wounds and show no signs of illness.
  • Infants must wear a water diaper if they are not potty trained
  • Adults are 4'7" and above.
  • For safety reasons pregnant women can't participate in any of our programs.
  • It is important to arrive 45 minutes before your program.
  • If you have any health condition or physical disability please contact our call center before you make your reservation so we can provide you full information about our services.
  • Please consider 3-4 hours to enjoy the park and the activities.
  • Remember to use biodegradable sunscreen to protect your skin, the environment and marine species.
  • Please leave valuables at home, limited lockers are available.
  • Only 2 Observers are allowed per swimmer. Observer areas are not shaded.
  • Please do not leave children unattended.