Isla Mujeres Royal Garrafon & Royal Dolphin Swim

Royal Garrafon & Royal Dolphin SwimApprox. 2 Hours

Isla Mujeres, located in Cancun, Mexico, offers the opportunity to swim with dolphins in their natural habitat. The foot push, dorsal tow, handshake, hug, hand target, and kiss are all featured to enhance your dolphin interaction experience. Reasonably priced packages, top-notch VIP service, and the Beach Club await you at Isla Mujeres.

  • Adult: $209
  • Child (6 to 12): $99
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  • Foot Push, Dorsal, Tow, Hand Target, Handshake, Kiss, and Hug
  • Continental Breakfast, National Open Bar, and Lunch Buffet
  • Observation Snorkeling With Sharks

Tour Summary

Nestled in Cancun, Isla Mujeres offers the mesmerizing opportunity to play with dolphins and enjoy luxurious amenities at a great price. Cancun, Mexico’s Isla Mujeres gives you the opportunity to swim with dolphins in their natural habitat, the Caribbean Sea. The Royal swim is most well-known for the foot push experience. This experience includes having two dolphins propel you forward out of the water by pushing the soles of your feet with their snout. Another exhilarating experience is the dorsal tow, where you hold the dorsal fins of two dolphins and they “tow” you through the water.

Isla Mujeres has a maximum of ten people for dolphin experiences to guarantee a personalized and unique experience to all guests. The Dolphin Royal Swim VIP package includes the foot push, dorsal tow, handshake, hug, hand target, and kiss behaviors throughout your dolphin swim experience. A continental breakfast, an open bar, and lunch buffet are also included for before and after your dolphin encounter. Additionally, there is an included bicycle tour which will give you a new perspective on Isla Mujeres and the diverse species it houses.

The VIP services offered include exclusive areas in restaurants, a panoramic pool, special VIP drinks, and access to an unlimited international buffet. Relaxing in the Beach Club is another great option for your fun-filled day. The Beach Club offers lockers, showers, and lounge chairs by the swimming pool.

Please be sure to arrive thirty minutes before your program to ensure time for the briefing. Also, be sure to bring lots of biodegradable sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun and the dolphins from chemicals. Don’t forget the towels and cash for any miscellaneous charges, such as taxis or meals. Please note that photos of your dolphin experience, the ground transportation fee, additional activities, and the dock fee are not included in your package.


Tour Includes

  • 15-Minute Briefing and 50 Minutes in the Water
  • Round-Trip Cancun - Isla Mujeres - Cancun
  • American Breakfast
  • National Open Bar and Lunch Buffet at Garrafon Reef Park
  • 15-Minutes Interaction With Manatees
  • Fantasy Snorkel with Stingrays or Sharks
  • Snorkel Equipment - Life Jackets, Kayaks, Hammocks, Pool, and Showers at Garrafon Park
  • Bicycle Tour


  • For safety reasons, pregnant women are not allowed to part take in any of our aquatic programs.
  • Wearing safety vests during any water program is compulsory.
  • Height limit: 3' 11".
  • Kids between 3' 11" and 4' 7" must participate with a paying adult.