Cozumel Royal Dolphin Swim

Royal Dolphin SwimApprox. 2 Hours

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to swim alongside dolphins, one of the smartest mammals on the planet? At Dolphin Discovery, on the picturesque island of Cozumel, you can make that dream a reality. Our friendly dolphins are highly trained and guests on the Royal Swim Tour get the unforgettable experience of  getting to swim, kiss, hug, and shake hands with an Atlantic Bottlenose dolphin.

  • Adult: $159
  • Child (6 to 12): $89
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  • Foot Push, Dorsal Tow, Handshake, Hug, Kiss, and Hand Target
  • Sea Lion Presentation
  • Buffet Meal and 2 Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  • Educational Briefing

Tour Summary

Welcome to Dolphin Discovery! One of the best ways to enjoy our park is by getting to know our most valuable team members – our Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins. The Royal Swim Tour is a once in a lifetime experience available at Chankanaab National park in Cozumel.

The Dolphin Royal Swim tour includes swimming, kissing, hugging, and shaking hands (or fins) with 2 dolphins. You’ll also be given an amazing photo opportunity when you take part in the foot push portion of the interaction. During the foot push, two dolphins will raise you to a standing position on the surface of the water by pushing you up from the bottom of your feet. You will also get a dorsal tow, where the dolphins will pull you through the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea as you hold on to their dorsal fins. At

Dolphin discovery, we offer diverse dolphin behaviors in all of our tours that are appropriate for all ages and swimming levels. Because of this, we also include hand targeting which children under 8 can easily experience safely. During hand targeting, the dolphins will respond appropriate to hand signals by touching their snout to your hand. This, in conjunction with the kissing, hugging, and handshakes, are all portions of the tour that are suitable for young children 

When you finish with the dolphins, enjoy a buffet lunch in paradise and 2 non-alcoholic beverages as you take in the beautiful landscape and warm breezes. After your Royal Swim Tour, you can enjoy the other facilities of the Chankanaab National Reef Park and the island of Cozumel, including sunbathing at our world-renowned beaches, shopping, or the national park’s garden.

Snorkeling in the crystal-clear blue water of the Caribbean is also included in this unique and unforgettable experience. Equipment is not included, so don’t forget to bring your own gear. Guests should also plan to bring towels and cash (in Mexican pesos) for any additional activities they’d like to partake in outside of the dolphin experience.

Don’t forget to wear biodegradable sunscreen to protect yourself, the reefs, and our marine mammals!

Tour Includes

  • Chankanaab National Park Entrance Included
  • 15 Minutes Briefing and 40 Minutes in the Water
  • Includes the Famous Foot Push, Dorsal Tow, Handshake, Hugs and Kisses
  • Sea Lion Presentation
  • Facilities: Lockers, Showers, Restrooms


While this is a great activity, it may not be for everyone, including:

  • Pregnant women
  • Age Limit : 8 years old
  • Height must be 3’ 11” – 4’ 7”