Enjoy Dolphin Tours at Punta Cana

Dolphin EncounterApprox. 55 Minutes

The Dolphin Encounter is a tour designed for kids of all ages – and that includes adults! It provides each participant the opportunity to kiss, hug, and shake hands with dolphins. You will enjoy the dolphins as they play and frolic in their own natural habitat, as this is an experience that simply cannot be replicated in many places on earth. It will be a trip that you’ll remember for years to come.


  • Adult: $99
  • Child: $99

Dolphin Swim AdventureApprox. 60 Minutes

For a truly memorable experience during your vacation in Punta Cana, give our Dolphin Swim Adventure program a try! You'll get to hug and pet our friendly dolphins and even interact with them for a Boogie Push and belly ride! Get ready to make memories that will last forever.


  • Adult: $149
  • Child: $99

Dolphin Royal SwimApprox. 70 Minutes

The Dolphin Royal Swim experience in Punta Cana is a one-of-a-kind dolphin encounter excursion that allows you to swim and play with dolphins. This experience includes a dolphin foot push, dorsal tow, kiss, hug, caress and handshake. The Dolphin Royal Swim is an intimate small-group experience, allowing for plenty of time to interact with these fascinating sea mammals.


  • Adult: $199
  • Child : $99