Enjoy Dolphin Tours at Grand Cayman

Dolphin Lovers' SwimApprox. 45 Minutes

The Dolphin Lovers’ Swim tour is an excellent way to make your Grand Cayman experience one you’ll never forget. This tour offers guests the chance to kiss and shake hands with one of our beloved dolphins. Your friends and family will also get the opportunity to learn about hand targets. Don’t miss the opportunity to have a personal experience with some of the most intelligent marine animals.


  • Adult: $129
  • Child: $109

Dolphin Swim AdventureApprox. 40 Minutes

The Dolphin Swim Adventure on Grand Cayman is a unique experience designed to take you and your family into the underwater world of dolphins. Hugs, kisses, riding and shaking hands with dolphins will delight children and adults alike. The island of Grand Cayman itself has hundreds more sightseeing and relaxation activities to help make your next family vacation unforgettable!

  • Adult: $159
  • Child (8 and Up): $139

Dolphin TrekApprox. 30 Minutes

Spend time with dolphins in their natural environment with the help of state of the art underwater breathing technology. The Dolphin Trek at Dolphin Cayman is unlike any other dolphin swim in the world. You will be in their playground, under the clear Caribbean waters surrounding Grand Cayman, breathing comfortably whilst playing with dolphins.


  • Adult (12 and Up): $189

Dolphin Royal SwimApprox. 55 Minutes

The Dolphin Royal Swim tour gives you the opportunity for a fast-paced action adventure of swimming with dolphins. You'll experience the thrill of being pulled through the water while holding onto the dorsal fin of a dolphin and the foot push maneuver in which two dolphins will lift you to the water's surface.

  • Adult: $199
  • Child (8 and Up): $159