Cozumel Dolphin Encounter

Dolphin EncounterApprox. 45 Minutes

Play, love, and learn with our dolphins. Snorkel over a gorgeous reef. Indulge in a buffet lunch. Non-swimmers and children can enjoy this excursion, which is great for the whole family. Experience all the hidden treasures of Cozumel. The dolphins, the reef, and the island, are full of surprises.

  • Adult: $99
  • Child: $89
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  • 30 Minutes With the Dolphins
  • Dolphin Handshake, Kiss, and Hand Target
  • Educational Briefing
  • Buffet Meal
  • Chankanaab National Park's Garden

Tour Summary

You've probably watched them at the beach as they play and hunt. Dolphins are beloved mammals who thrill ocean visitors with their playful antics. Now you have the opportunity to see these human-friendly creatures up close, even if you can't swim. 

Our Dolphin Encounter Program in Cozumel allows visitors to see dolphins in their natural habitat, the Caribbean Sea. Thanks to a raised platform that is under the water, family members who can't swim will still be able to enjoy the dolphins. Imagine, standing in the ocean, safe and secure, while playing with these marine mammals. This is a dream for swimmers and non-swimmers alike!

You will not just see the dolphins. You will get the opportunity to interact with them. You can start out by meeting our dolphin friends with a formal handshake. Then, you’ll receive an amazing photo opportunity if you dare to kiss one of them!

These dolphins have all gotten their start in life with the help of highly-trained staff in our dolphinarium.
Our program, 'Miracle', is such a success that international organizations have taken notice. These graceful, friendly creatures can change a person's perspective on oceanic mammals just by interacting with them for a few minutes. When you see how they behave and how interact with humans, you will never view them the same way again. 

After the program, you and your family will have the chance to snorkel in crystal clear, warm waters at the Chankanaab National Reef Park. Here, the view is amazing. The fish and sea creatures living in and around the reef are spectacular. See vivid blues and yellows, spines and odd shapes— everything hiding in plain view underneath the ocean's surface. 

Your package will include all entrance fees, lunch, and two drinks (non-alcoholic). The program also gives guests a 15-minute explanation of what can be expected followed by 30 minutes of play time. Then, go enjoy some fantastic snorkeling. This is something your family will remember forever.

Tour Includes

  • 15-Minute Educational Briefing
  • 30 Minutes With the Dolphins
  • Chankanaab National Park Entrance Fee
  • Chankanaab National Park's Garden
  • Buffet Meal
  • Sea Lion Presentation
  • 2 Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  • Pool, Lockers, Showers, and Restrooms


  • IMPORTANT: a valid passport is an essential requirement to visit Cozumel.
  • Kids younger than 8 years old must swim with a paid adult (+18). Infants swim free with 1 paying adult.
  • To book infants please call us.
  • Chankanaab admission rate without dolphin program is $21 USD adults and $14 USD kids.
  • The use of life jacket is required in all water programs.
  • The Chankanaab Park is opened daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • If you get to the Mexican island of Cozumel by cruise ship, verify your schedule before booking to avoid inconveniences. The Time Zone in Cozumel is EST (Eastern Standard Time) UTC/GMT -5 hours.
  • In Cozumel groups have a maximum of 20 people for a closer experience and will interact from a special underwater platform.
  • IMPORTANT: For the moment we are NOT receiving dollars in cash at our location (check in, restaurant, boutique and photos), we are getting pesos in cash and if you want to use an international credit or debit card, payments will be done in Mexican or US Currency.
  • For safety reasons pregnant women (5 months and later) can't participate in any of our aquatic programs. Women with less than 5 months into their pregnancy can participate in the Encounter program only if accompanied by another adult and after signing a Responsibility Form.
  • Remember to use biodegradable sunscreen to protect your skin, the environment and marine species.
  • If you have any health condition or physical disability please contact our call center before you make your reservation so we can provide you full information about our services.
  • It is important to arrive 30 minutes before your program, remember you'll receive a short briefing before your swim.