Enjoy Dolphin Tours at Cove Cayman

Dolphin Lovers' SwimApprox. 45 Minutes

The Dolphin Lovers’ Swim tour is an excellent way to make your Grand Cayman experience one you’ll never forget. This tour offers guests the chance to kiss and shake hands with one of our beloved dolphins. Your friends and family will also get the opportunity to learn about hand targets. Don’t miss the opportunity to have a personal experience with some of the most intelligent marine animals.


  • Adult: $129
  • Child: $109

Dolphin Swim AdventureApprox. 30 Minutes

The Dolphin Swim Adventure at Cove Cayman is an interactive tour that is appropriate for most age groups. Children and adults alike will be taken to the cove where dolphins provide entertainment for all of their guests. You will be able to swim with and be kissed by the dolphins. It will truly be a most memorable occasion that you are not soon to forget.


  • Adult: $159
  • Child: $139

Dolphin Royal SwimApprox. 30 Minutes

The Dolphin Royal Swim at Cove Cayman is an action-packed program that lets you experience dolphins in their natural habitat. Exciting activities you can partake in with the dolphins include the dorsal tow and foot push. After being pulled and pushed across the water at fast speeds, you can take a breather by hugging and kissing the dolphins. The Dolphin Royal Swim experience only allows up to 10 people in each group to ensure everyone spends adequate time bonding with the dolphins.


  • Adult: $199
  • Child (8 and Up): $159