Enjoy Dolphin Tours at Tortola

Dolphin Discovery SwimApprox. 40 Minutes

Dolphins are fun-loving, adventurous creatures. The 40-minute Dolphin Discovery Swim at Tortola, introduces you to the dolphins and lets you spend some time with them in the water. On this interactive tour, experts will teach you about the dolphins while you swim with them and observe their behaviors.


  • Adult: $99
  • Child: $89

Dolphin Swim AdventureApprox. 50 Minutes

At Dolphin Discovery, the Dolphin Swim Adventure provides a unique opportunity to interact with dolphins in a swimming pen. The dolphins are trained to give kisses, hugs, and handshakes, and will even swim backwards while pulling you by their fins. Children and adults alike can sign up, so don't wait!


  • Adult: $129
  • Child: $109

Dolphin Discovery Swim + Ferry St. John Approx.

Dolphin Discovery Tortola - St.Thomas offers a fun and educational way to interact with these amazing marine mammals. The Dolphin Discovery Swim allows guests to swim with the bottlenose dolphin and interact with them in an environment where they are comfortable and free to play and show off the tricks they've learned.

  • Adult: $129
  • Child: $109

Dolphin Swim Adventure + Ferry St. John Approx. 45 Minutes

Swimming with bottlenose dolphins is an experience like no other. The Dolphin Swim tour at Dolphin Discovery Tortola-St. Thomas will give you the opportunity to swim and interact with one of the 14 bottlenose dolphins that call the dolphin sanctuary home.

  • Adult: $159
  • Child: $129

Dolphin Royal SwimApprox. 60 Minutes

This is our deluxe dolphin experience. You’ll have the chance to interact with dolphins in a way most of other dolphin experiences can't match. Kissing, hugging, and shaking hands are just a few of the many behaviors you’ll experience throughout your Dolphin Royal Swim Tour in Tortola.


  • Adult: $149
  • Child: $129

Royal Swim + Ferry St. John Approx. 1 Hour

Visit Tortola to experience dolphin interactions like never before. From a sweet fin-shake to skimming the water with dolphin power, this activity is a true memory-maker. Soar like a superhero and ride the dolphin dorsal fins. Lunch and ferry transportation are included in the price.

  • Adult: $174
  • Child: $154

Tortola Full DayApprox. 50 Minutes

The Tortola Full Day tour offers a whole day of fun and excitement. You will receive round-trip ferry transportation from Red Hook, St. Thomas to West End, Tortola. Along the way, enjoy scenic vistas and the warm Caribbean breeze. Once in Tortola, you will travel to Dolphin Discovery to take part in the Dolphin Royal Swim Program. This exciting program offers a chance to interact with dolphins. Also included in this excursion is a beach break and scenic land tour of Tortola.


  • Adult: $207
  • Child: $207